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The Power of Peer Support
in Mental Health

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The Victory Tips Program


A Bible-based Recovery Program
Countering Anxiety & Depression


Experience Greater Personal Peace and Happiness


“Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through Jesus Christ.”
1 Corinthians 15:57



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Program Overview

100 Pages

Table of Contents


Support Group Meeting Overview & Role Descriptions

Confidentiality Commitment & Recovery Prayer

Open Session – Role Guidelines 
     1)  Chairperson Role
     2)  ‘Happiness’ Speaker Role
     3)  ‘Strong’ Speaker Role
     4)  ‘Knowledge’ Speaker Role
     5)  ‘Word‘ Speaker Role
     6)  ‘Faith’ Speaker Role
     7)  ‘Love’ Speaker Role
     8)  ‘Truth’ Speaker Role
     9)  'Affirmations’ Speaker Role
   10)  ‘Slogans’ Speaker Role
   11) ‘Belief’s’ Speaker Role
   12)  ‘Hindrances’ Speaker Role
   13)  ‘Gospel’ Speaker Role
     1) “I Do Not Fear” Affirmation
     2) “I Am Strong” Affirmation
     3) “I Flow in Harmony and Love” Affirmation
     4) “I Only Speak Right Words” Affirmation
     5) “I Only Think Right Thoughts” Affirmation
     6) “I Am Happy Because” Affirmation

Core Belief’s
     1) “I Believe God loves me, and that I am valuable.” 
     2) “I Believe Christ’s crucifixion paid for my sin.”
     3) “I Believe God wants me to live in perfect peace at all times.”
     4) “I Believe I have an enemy – Satan.”
     5) “I Believe I have another enemy – my fleshly appetites.” 
     6) “I Believe God wants me to enjoy good physical health.”

     1)  Stop – Be Still
     2)  Admit You Have A Problem With Your Emotions
     3)  Disarm The Shame
     4)  Form A Support Team
     5)  Watch Out For Poor Choices
     6)  Develop Your Faith
     7)  Watch Out For Natural Reactions
     8)  Change What You Can Change
     9)  Eliminate Judgementalism
   10)  Be ‘Good Ground’
   11)  Assess and Adjust Your Spoken Words
   12)  Develop a Conqueror Mentality
   13)  Identify and Eliminate Wasted Thinking
   14)  Develop a Disciplined Lifestyle
   15)  Develop a Life of Holiness
      General Topics
     Types of Abuse



Lori's Story

Mary's Story

Beth's Story

Suzanne's Story

Lindsay's Story

Sarah's Story


Core Belief's